MONTH 9 - I love who I am becoming

Welcome to September, we are almost at the end of this challenge! 

With three months left in this challenge, you can proudly acknowledge that you have come so far. Take a moment to reflect on where you were when you started this journey. 

In this time of introspection, use our journal prompt. What three things would you like to tell your past self? What do you think that person you were in January would benefit from hearing from you now in September that is here in this place of self acceptance?

We are finally loving ourselves enough to not look externally for validation but now instead all the validation comes from the inside. We have the tools to bring ourselves to the state of wholeness. 

Our affirmations this month were created with this development in mind, we want to celebrate who you have become this month and the love that you have cultivated. Allow these words to confirm what you already know that you are becoming anew, you have refreshed your mind and soul to be healthier. 

Our song choice this month is a beautiful moment to sit in the nonlinear journey of growth. A tale of a river taking two paths much like yourself, your past will never not exist but instead you have used it to navigate you to this moment. You have come out of deep waters and you stand firm in who you are today. It can be an anthem for courage to continue on.

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September 01, 2023 — The Yuppie Closet

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