We are female and we’re multigenerational. Our woman-only community is authentic, honest and trustworthy, empathic, curious, confident, and supportive. That’s why many women join because they’ve realized it’s time to live life slowly and authentically with the people and things that nurture love and sustainability. 

The Yuppie Way offers an easy & simple way to live a satisfied life. We are committed to providing our members with affordable access to professional services focused on style, personal growth, health and wellness, and stewardship to the environment. We foster these opportunities through monthly information, ideas, events, goods and services. 

Our goal is to provide an online platform for women to reach their higher self in a simple and cost-effective way. Through our pay nothing program, community events, and monthly healing journey, we offer women opportunities to grow through a variety of channels, and use our expertise to change the way we live and consume. The Yuppie Closet is your one-stop resource to make long-lasting connections, nurture growth and achieve success.