MONTH 10 - I am filled with love

Happy October!! 

More often than not, we think and associate love with how we give it out to others. 

In part, yes it is important to project love outwardly. However, our love is strongest when we’re first radiating it internally. 

There is a concept that everything is a mirror. For example how you feel about yourself will be mirrored back to you. So if we follow that concept, imagine if we fill ourselves with love how that will mirror back to us?

While listening to our affirmations this month, we would like for you to visualize that you are a cup in a tea seat and our affirmations are the tea in the pot. Allow the tea to overflow your cup, our affirmations of love are filling you completely to the brim! 

Our goal is to allow you to first fill your own cup with an enormous amount of love! It’s important that we let it sink into our being that we are always completely loved, within ourselves and then to the world around us. 

Let’s look forward to our future selves, right now you are in the middle of a journey. What are three things your future self would benefit from hearing? What can you take forward with you from this process that will help your future self grow? 

With our song this month, we want you to get encapsulated with the idea that you are closer now than ever before to being in touch with the highest version of yourself. We are embodying our dreams because we know we are now capable of seeing them in our reality. All the tools are within our being, all we have to do is channel that energy and project it outward. 

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October 01, 2023 — The Yuppie Closet

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