The Yuppie Closet commitment revolves around ensuring your complete satisfaction with every purchase. We exercise stringent selectivity when curating items for sale, prioritizing both the quality of the products and their condition.

Prior to inclusion in our collection, each item undergoes a meticulous inspection process, scrutinized for any imperfections or concerns on at least three occasions. This rigorous procedure is in place to instill confidence in your TYC Shopping Experience.

Our inventory comprises brand-new items, those in new condition without tags, those in like-new condition if previously utilized as a floor or display model, and items in lightly-worn condition.

Secondhand products are categorized as either pristine, displaying no visible wear, excellent, indicating minimal signs of use, and very good, as a result of wear or washing, slight fading or pilling may occur in regions like the knees, seams, and hems. Additionally, hardware might exhibit minor scratches. Normal signs of wear could include light pilling, torn lining, or fading.

Furthermore, these pre-owned items are meticulously cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended care instructions. For specific details regarding any item, we encourage you to thoroughly review the item description or reach out to our team for personalized assistance.

As a valued customer, you can anticipate receiving transparent and precise item descriptions that clearly delineate whether an item is new, pre-owned, or vintage, empowering you to make informed purchasing decisions. 

Items Excluded from Resale

The Yuppie Closet refrains from selling the following second-hand items: 

  • Swimwear
  • Underwear
  • Athletic wear
  • Costume jewelry
  • Rain boots
  • Snow boots

These specified items are exclusively offered in brand new condition, either with tags or without. Our policy prohibits the resale of items that exhibit damage or stains. Moreover, products showing signs of deformation, holes, sweat marks, worn-out fabric, odors, or discoloration are not accepted for resale.

Acceptable Imperfections

Certain items, whether new with tags or pre-loved, may exhibit the following imperfections: 

  • Storage marks (e.g., hanger pressure marks)
  • Minor manufacturing defects (e.g., glue marks)
  • Slight scuffs or scratches on bags, jewelry, and watch hardware (e.g., clasps, buttons, zippers, etc.)
  • Small snags
  • Minor pulled threads
  • Light pilling


At The Yuppie Closet, we uphold stringent authentication measures for all our products. Rest assured, each item is meticulously verified to ensure authenticity, or you receive a full refund. Our authentication process adheres to brand-specific guidelines, overseen by expert authentication professionals who meticulously scrutinize materials, craftsmanship, tags, labels, logos, hologram stickers, and date or serial codes to ascertain the item's provenance. Furthermore, boasting a decade-long impeccable 5-star reputation on eBay adds to our credibility.

It's important to note that while we guarantee the authenticity of our products, The Yuppie Closet is not an authorized reseller for the brands we carry. These brands are not affiliated with or endorsed by The Yuppie Closet.