MONTH 7 - I am happy

You have probably heard “happiness is a state of mind” and there is some truth to that!

Here at The Yuppie Way, we are not in the business of toxic positivity.

We encourage examinations into our minds to find joy but to be introspective to really become in tune with your emotions and address them head on so that you may heal. 

With our journal prompt, we would like for you to sit with yourself. Take 3-5 deep breaths and begin to ask yourself how you feel and where you feel? Oftentimes, we store our emotions in our body and when we can ask ourselves the how, where and why we can better regulate our emotions to find happiness. 

Happiness is a journey, we are using our affirmations this month to walk further down that road. We are working towards becoming mindful and in our mindfulness we will find happiness. 

Blessed by Jill Scott is our anthem this month! What we love about this track is that Jill is focused on all the little things that make her feel blessed. Even something as small as “Woke up this morning listening to this song. You're so blessed, yes yes” We want to carry that energy into our month.

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I am happy daily affirmation


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Open up your Yuppie Woman journal and answer the question

July 01, 2023 — The Yuppie Closet

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