MONTH 4 - I am not a failure

Happy April! This month let’s get into confidence. 

There are thousands of articles that cover confidence externally and we will discuss that later on in this challenge, but for now let’s discuss confidence in relation to our internal view. 

Confidence can be our biggest strength but can also be seen as an achilles heel of sorts. 

We often correlate our successes and failures to our confidence. We dim and retreat inward to ourselves when we fail and we puff out our chest with our successes. How can we create a balance so that when we “fail” we do not allow our confidence to shatter. 

First, we have to look at our relationship to the concept of failing. We view failure as a direct assault on our confidence, when we reframe our thoughts we can view it as a learning guide, a tool to build us up. “To fail is to have tried” when we create a new perspective then failure is not an end all be all but instead it gives us the confidence to say we never stop trying. 

Our affirmations this month will create a space of reassurance and help build a new relationship and perspective to “failure.”

You are not your failures, your confidence does not break or bend but instead grows because you tried to make it, you get back up and that builds your confidence. 

Our song choice is for establishing that confidence is yours to own! It is not an intangible thing, you have confidence in your hands at all times. With this song we encourage you to realize it!

With our journal prompt, find one thing that you absolutely love about yourself and expand on why you love that about yourself. Again, confidence is yours to own and when we can examine the traits we love about ourselves fully, we own the trait as well as the strength that comes with it. 

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April 01, 2023 — The Yuppie Closet

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