MONTH 3 - I am not here to fix anyone

In March, we want to understand ourselves in relation to other people. 

The societal construct of women is that we are meant to nurture and mother those around us, that to prioritize ourselves is to be considered selfish. 

More often than not this leads to women who are neglecting themselves and their true needs in order to facilitate the well being of others. 

We believe that being productive at all times and fixing other people’s problems makes us more worthy and useful within our social circles. “We have earned our place if we are in service to someone else.”

We want to reframe that thought this month. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t care about others, but more so, are you caring about yourself to the capacity that you care about others? 

How are you showing up for yourself? How do you fix your own problems or do they sit on the back burner for “another time?” 

Our affirmation creates space in our minds to know that we are not responsible for the repair of another, we can’t shoulder that burden.  

Our song choice for the month highlights and reaffirms that we are no longer “getting by, but getting free” We want to remind ourselves with this song that we are putting ourselves first, not running on empty to ensure that everyone else’s cup is full. 

With our prompt, let’s really dig deep. How do you identify your usefulness? How is the way you identify your usefulness tied into societal expectations and relation to others?

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March 01, 2023 — The Yuppie Closet

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