MONTH 2 - I am relaxed and calm.

In our second month we are focused on our relaxed and calm state. 

Life is full of stressors and triggers but how do we find our center? How do we put ourselves back in the state of being relaxed and calm? That’s what we are gonna work on this month. 

With our affirmations  “I am relaxed and calm” we want to create that space in our mind to know that we are actually safe internally despite our external circumstances. We are always gonna experience curveballs but how do we respond to them? We affirm that “I am relaxed and calm”. 

Our song choice serves as a reminder, you are not alone in the circumstances you face. You are one with a collective community of people experiencing frustrations on a regular basis but you are a person learning to find your peace regardless of that. 

The journal prompt this month focuses on introspection, “How do you handle frustration?”

Do you turn inward? Do you project your frustration on others? Really take your time and reflect on the response to this journal prompt. The purpose of introspection is being able to look at yourself and examine how you respond but also why you respond that way. When we get to a root we are then able to take action steps that will allow us to respond in healthier manners. 

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February 01, 2023 — The Yuppie Closet

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