MONTH 1 - I can and I will

In our first month we are creating a space for determination. 

More often than not, part of the reasons we generate negative thoughts is based on the feeling of lack. 

Lack of reaching goals, lack of motivation, lack of feeling worthy, fill in the blank with your own “lack.” 

The purpose of our affirmations, song, and journal prompt of this month is so that you can begin to train your mind to understand that lack is a feeling but it’s not an ingrained thought. 

Our subconscious only believes in our feelings because we constantly feed it the thought that the feeling is true and that is what becomes ingrained in us. 

So what if we reprogram our mind to believe the thought “I can and I will” accomplish anything I set out for?

I can and I will

“I can and I will” are powerful affirmations because it creates the thought “actually anything is possible and I can have it, it’s already a done deal in my mind. ”

Our song choice is about generating belief; belief in yourself, belief in your faith, belief that “Nothing seems impossible if you believe” 

Our journal prompt was created with the purpose to allow you and your mind to create without the limitation of “lack”.  Sit down, visualize and write out the ideal life you want! Do not be afraid to dream big because you can and you will have it once you identify what is stopping you from believing you’re capable of having it!

We recommend listening to our affirmations before bed. The reason for this is because your mind has the least resistance right as you are drifting off to sleep. 

While our mind is in a state akin to sleep we are capable of speaking affirmations over ourselves and waking up in the mindset our affirmation conditioned while we slept. 

So remember as you partake in our challenge this month that every day “you can and you will.”

Click the video below to access your monthly affirmation

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Open up your Yuppie Woman journal and answer the question below 


Reminder: Be patient with yourself and allow yourself time to learn how to be consistent during the process of learning and doing something different. 

January 01, 2023 — The Yuppie Closet

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