The Yuppie Woman: Finding Ways To Believe In Yourself Again

‘The Yuppie Woman’: Finding Ways To Believe In Yourself Again And How Prayer, Meditation And Daily Activities Can Help

As a female entrepreneur, it takes more than just wishing to become successful, as you need to have a very strong belief in yourself. Yes, the journey isn’t an easy one, because there would be trials and difficulties that will shake you to the core, making you start doubting your abilities. The question now is, should you allow the trials overcome you?

No, you shouldn’t, and these trials should be embraced with a positive mindset and seen as a stepping stone, a ladder to success. Be strong, rise up again, and with prayers, meditation and some other powerful ideas we are about to share, you can reinstate that powerful push, that novel faith you have in yourself. Here are some powerful tips to win back your belief in yourself:

 1. Overcome your mind

The mind is a very powerful tool, and when handled wrongly can be disastrous. With the many trials that come your way, your faith could be greatly disturbed, even though you are a naturally confident person. 

For you to successfully battle with these negative impacts that trials and obstacles throw at you, the mind should be won. How do you win the mind? There are many ways this can be achieved, and one of them is by having a strong vision of success. This vision should be reaffirmed daily by constant visualization and meditation. While mediating, for four seconds each, inhale, hold, exhale and hold. 

This simple technique is a powerful way to win the mind, and also restore your faith in yourself, strengthening your courage, and giving you the grace for accomplishing tasks daily.  

2. Pinpoint the cause of your sudden disbelief

In a stereotyped world where women are perceived as incapable of achieving certain heights especially in entrepreneurship, you could unconsciously start doubting yourself, but this should quickly be overcome by identifying the cause. 

Take out time daily to examine yourself. Begin by honestly reviewing your strengths and limitations. There are sad days and there are days you are full of energy. When you review yourself and discover where the sudden disbelief is coming from, it would be very easy to overcome the obstacles and restore your belief and self-worth. 

As you examine yourself, you could discover that to overcome the sudden disbelief, you may want to change your strategy, gather some information, or something else. 

3. Be crazy in your belief

When you seek for the approval of others in order to have a strong belief in yourself, you are heading the wrong way. The best entrepreneurs are perceived as being different, and they are mostly told that they are ‘crazy’ over and over again. 

Well, this is what a very strong self-belief brings, as you dare to be different, dare to achieve your dreams. For you to regain your faith in yourself, be maniacal in your determination, convictions and belief, and you’ll see yourself reaching heights you imagined.

4. Remain enthusiastic

Trials are needed to prove your faith. Without trials, your belief can’t be tested and you wouldn’t know how strong you are. There are scary times when everything seems to tumble and all your initiatives begin to shatter. How do you deal with this? 

In such situations, you’ve got to be tough and wear a genuine smile. Some investments you make as a female entrepreneur may not yield the desired returns, while others yield a thousand folds. Always see the positive side of failure, because it is part of moving to the next step. Instead of wailing and losing faith, trash out what went wrong and find out how you could do better next time. Failure shouldn’t tie you down, because those who have their emotions under control and have a positive mindset towards failure have control over their destiny. 

5. Nurture competence

When you are absolutely good at a task, your confidence level greatly increases. The mistake many people make today is faking confidence even when they don’t have enough information on what they are handling. This artificial confidence will disappoint you when faced with trouble, so what should you do? 

Your competence is your confidence. Make it a point of duty to be professional in what you do by taking time and zeal to learn and gain practical skills on the task at hand. For the brain to express true confidence, it needs to feel competence. This is why you should get better and polish your skills. Take practical training, learn something and be great at it. 

6. Make the most out of your strengths

No matter how bad you think you are at handling things, there is absolutely something you can do so perfectly and with ease. This your unfair advantage can be a key to rekindle that fire, that strong belief you have in yourself. List out those things you’ve won in the past, and pull the top five up. Every morning, go through them and reaffirm your belief in yourself, remembering how incredible you are.

7. Focus on the positive 

Your power is in your uniqueness. It is only when you believe in yourself before others believe in you. When you fall, don’t give up. Pick a lesson or two and learn from them. Reward your success, the times you have been extraordinary. This will keep you motivated. The mind is so powerful and what you feed it is very important. Therefore, your focus should be on the positive because it helps you stay better concentrated on your goals, and even when your faith seems to be shaking, you can always strengthen the believe in yourself through your focus on positivity. 

8. Set realistic goals

As an entrepreneur, make calculated plans and set realistic targets. You don’t just go into business and expect success overnight, or even expect that there will be no mistakes. Many people get sad, discouraged and disappointed because they don’t set realistic goals for themselves and are broken down when reality sets in. Setting the right expectation can make you overcome trials and increase your belief in yourself. 


To rekindle your belief in your abilities, you have to understand that difficulties are bound to occur, but you need a positive mindset to make these difficulties easy to overcome. With constant prayer, meditation and the tips mention above, you will surely overcome difficulties and quickly stand back on your feet when your faith is tested. Stay strong, keep your head high and fixed on your goals! 

August 06, 2022 — The Yuppie Closet
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