MONTH 12 - I am filled with love and light

Congratulations!! We have reached the end of our monthly challenges. 

Wonderful warrior, look at all the hurdles you have overcome in these last 12 months. 

You have applied these affirmations, you have reflected with our journal prompts, and you have used our songs as anthems to get you through. 

“Dog Days Are Over”  is our last song choice because they truly are over, you are now a person with tools and resources that have allowed you to find a new perspective to life’s challenges. 

You also have a new perspective to yourself, you are not the person who began this challenge defeated and deflated. You are filled with hope, love, and light! You no longer need external sources for joy because everything you’ve needed is within you. Our affirmations this month are a reminder of that. 

Now that you have a positive perspective on yourself at the end of this journey, you can now reflect on three things you do well. You no longer dilute yourself, you have so many things you can name and we are excited to see how you continue to flourish. 

Thank you for participating in this challenge with us, you have been so wonderfully open with yourselves and always remember The Yuppie Way is a community that will continue to support you. Life is a journey best lived together! 

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I am filled with love and light daily affirmation at THE YUPPIE CLOSET on YouTube
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December 06, 2023 — The Yuppie Closet

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