Harmoni Love Fine Art Prints - The Yuppie Closet
Harmoni Love Fine Art Prints - The Yuppie Closet
Harmoni Love Fine Art Prints - The Yuppie Closet
Harmoni Love Fine Art Prints - The Yuppie Closet

Harmoni Love Autographed Art Prints

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Harmoni Love was created to encourage your little one to believe in themself and promote creativity. But Harmoni Love is not just for kids, it's for the parents too! We ask that parents take some time out and talk to their little one's about the thoughts and emotions that Harmoni Love evokes. Ask them to describe what they see & if their art piece strikes up an emotion. If so, what emotion are they feeling?

At The Yuppie Closet we encourage parents to talk to their kids. Not just surface-talk, but conversations that opens doors to what your child is thinking and feeling. Because it is our responsibility as parents to make sure our children have pride and see value in themselves.  

The Yuppie Closet is dedicated to donating a portion of Harmoni Love sales to a local 501(c)(3) children & women charitable organization in Prince George's County Maryland.

We believe that we can truly help encourage our children through creativity and daily affirmations. So each time you make a Harmoni Love purchase, we will increase a local charities wish list fulfillment to ensure they receive the in-kind donations they need to serve our community. 

Paper Type: Premium Heavyweight Semi-Gloss

  • Paper Weight: 80 lb
  • Thickness: 11.5 mil
  • Fade-resistant, smudge-free, and water resistant

Care: Wipe with a dry cloth if needed

Packaging: Our art prints are shipped professionally to ensure your artwork arrives safely without damage or creases. Prints are shipped flat in durable cardboard packaging.

Bonus! Our 8in x 11in Harmoni Love art print includes a special note from the artist and a pocket-size affirmation card to carry along wherever you go. We recommend placing your card somewhere it can be seen on an every day basis, that way you will never forget to recite your daily affirmation.